Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream

Want to know all about Hydroxatone’s new Anti- Aging BB Cream? What is it? How do you use it? Gina Vanacore, National Training Director for Hydroxatone has y…

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  1. sienna berry

    I don’t usually like “tampering” with wrinkles in any way. “You don’t mess
    with Mother Nature” is my belief. But Hydroxatone is no different from
    using moisturizers or toners or other skin care products and even the most
    ardent supporters of natural products use them. Hydroxatone does not put
    toxic substances on my face, and it shows fabulous results.

  2. YogaChikk Melonhead

    I absolutely love this BB cream, it is the best I’ve tried…and I’d
    definitely repurchase!

  3. Rachel Heiks

    I’m 17 so I dont need the antiaging component but I LOVE this product. I
    have redness and uneven skin tone and all the other crap that comes with
    puberty. This is AMAZING. My skin looks flawless and I get so many
    compliments on my skin when I wear this plus it’s sort of matte so it’s not
    oily and it doesn’t dry my face out or cause acne and trouble spots like a
    lot of foundations do.

  4. Antonella Ligotino

    I absolutely LUV this product!!! Cannot live without it. I’ve never used
    anything on my face before as I have decent skin. But, 40-something skin
    needs sunscreen. I saw Hydroxatone at my local Costco and decided to try
    it. That was two years ago and I’ve been extremely happy since. My face
    looks flawless and very youthful. Thank you Hydroxatone.

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