LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream Review: I Test Out LifeCell Cream for 6 Weeks

Do you hate your wrinkles? LifeCell can help, just click for more information! Or click play to see my results after testi…

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  1. cLEEb47

    Hello V, Thank you for your review. I am considering trying LifeCell but
    what I am mostly interested in is knowing If I can use it on my droopy eye

  2. V Roberts

    Hmmm I’m not entirely sure as I didn’t use it on my eyelids…but you could
    always give it a shot because you get a 30 day free trial with it. Here’s
    the link for the lifecell page –> besskincare(dot)com/lifecell

  3. V Roberts

    well if anyone who is older would like to try this product and shoot a
    video (or even pictures) for me to add in then I would be more than happy
    to. If you decide to try it why don’t you send me some pictures or a review
    and I’ll add it in 🙂

  4. Mantha Wilson

    how is the skin underneath your eyes light without makeup or moisturizer ?!
    i honestly think you look better without makeup on 🙂

  5. V Roberts

    Aw thank you Mantha…I think that might have just been the sunlight
    pouring in the window 🙂

  6. TrikK StarR

    The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled Was convincing women that
    they looked better in their makeup

  7. Bjorn Oliehoek
  8. Anto theja
  9. MrSarcism
  10. mywingsareyours

    uhh, its the sun? lol. under her eyes is the same color as between her
    eyebrows and on her chest where the sun is hitting

  11. carol wilson

    yes. may god save us all!!!!!!

  12. ZulaVideo
  13. Best Anti-Aging Get rid of Wrinkle Cream Reviews
  14. Marina B

    How come you didn’t show your forehead after the 17 second test?

  15. Track Peters

    I see a very pretty woman! Nothing wrong as I can tell.
    Anyone under 45yo can look great, it’s after 50 that will tell how you
    taken care of your skin.
    Let’s see this on a 55 yo male, they look old too.
    Drink lots of water, keep bacteria away with oils, take off dead skin n
    moisturize often…Your body KNOWS how old you are… 

  16. canibedreamin

    If anyone thinks you need makeup, they would probably think I’m a
    monstrosity!! You look great without makeup so don’t make all those crazy
    faces like you aren’t beautiful.

  17. pathways678

    For $188 dollars you can just get Botox and see faster and better results. 

  18. Edward Allen

    Momma is pretty!!

  19. Cyndie Stiller

    Your a beautiful woman, that is for sure, but you might want to consider
    mentioning that if someone hits your top link and purchases life cell, that
    you receive a commission….

  20. Anne Quinn

    BIG TIME SCAM! First you get charged your S&H (for me was $4.25) then you
    get hit with a charge of $189 for your ‘free trial’..then since you are put
    on the VIP program by giving them your bank or cc#, you now get charged
    monthly a fee of $149.00
    I am disputing these charges with my CC company God help you if you used
    your bank or debit card

  21. 45DidDid

    But you’ve got NO wrinkles at all…!

  22. Cleona Harrot

    1. the problem with skin tightening cream is when you stop using it you
    look older than when you started because your skin is stretched. BEWARE.
    2. Why did you come back wearing makeup? How can u tell if it’s the LC or
    the cosmetics? 3. You look great but stop using it for a week and then see
    what you look like. 4. How long did the tube last? 1 month? if so, that
    comes to $200 a mo. for the rest of your life. Pretty steep for vanity.
    5. BTW, there are a lot of creams that reflect light away from your
    wrinkles. That is not reducing wrinkles, just camouflage.
    I’ll come back and see what you say in a month.

  23. LifeCell USA

    Hi V! Thank you for posting a review about LifeCell! I’m inviting you to
    watch our new video. More Power! :)

  24. John Smith

    Are you single? :)

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