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  1. Kim Wheeler

    Marlena u look absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous. ur skin is amazing!!
    And also love ur positive attitude. Thanx for all the tips, I will
    definitely try these ones 🙂 

  2. murphlady
  3. Dakidissa S.

    Love this video, in my channel also there are lots of antianging tips
    Greetings from Spain!!

  4. Leticia Urbina

    Do you have tattooed eyebrows? 

  5. xSp0okyx

    Dear Marlena!
    I’ve noticed that in many of your videos you say that you get old. That is
    so not true – you are nothing near old! You are a gorgeous young lady! I
    think someone gets old when they are in their sixties, and even than it’s
    not bad to be “old” because its just a number!

  6. night owl

    Hey you look a lot like carnie Wilson from the girl band Wilson Phillips.
    The resemblance is uncanny! 

  7. aimgrrrl

    You’re the very first you tuber who says they have bad dark circles and
    actually does. Yours are just like mine. THANK YOU for letting us see them.
    It makes me trust your opinion on concealers!!

  8. jjjjjokerface

    Tretinoin is Retin-A, not retinol. They are both different.

  9. Omandita4

    I’m glad I found you!! I’m pushing 30 and appreciate the guidance:)

  10. daughteroftheelement

    so bad from the circulation in that area. Always swipe up wards. Not only
    will it help with sagging but also circulation and moving out toxins.

  11. Catherine Gingerella

    P.S. I have a Clarisonic too and thinks it’s awesome!!! Gets my skin
    super clean. Definitely can’t live without it. Catherine :)

  12. immandrew

    You cant mix Vitamin C & retinol… You also have to wait ONE HOUR after
    cleansing and applying other skin creams before applying retinol.. Always
    apply serums before a cream as well.. Your esty & derm didnt tell you this?

  13. Sarah Batschelet

    Ole Hendrickson truth serum contains yellow 6. I’ve read this is a
    carcinogen. Are you aware of this?

  14. borikenazul

    How much $$$ for all of those creams?

  15. hmm101alot

    my cheeks are dry, but this is where my pores are more predominant. what
    would you suggest?

  16. Chely Gonzalez

    Please do a “get unready with me” night routine! Unless this is was it Lol

  17. Bloomin Synergi

    I actually wanted to reach in the video and chop your fringe off. It
    seriousllllyyy stresses viewers out when you don’t clip your hair back
    you’ve been on YouTube so long you know thissssss 

  18. Jenny M

    Hi, I 50yrs old and have always used eye creams morning and night since I
    was a teenager religiously. I HAVE NO WRINKLES IN MY EYE AREA. Even my
    laugh line are hard to see. This is my tip to anyone younger. Cheers.

  19. Annie Grace

    heloo ladies!!! i came across 5 simple home made packs for
    anti-ageing..check it out..

  20. Bookish Britt

    If you can’t get a prescription for retinol Paula’s Choice has some good
    OTC retinol options.

  21. Synergy Cosmetic Solutions

    One Video You Must Watch

    My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine | Makeup Geek
    My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine | Makeup Geek

  22. Anita Tate

    Retinol can be bought over the counter. ROC Anti-Wrinkle Cream has it and
    it is a derivative of Vitamin A. It works similar to Retin-A, which can
    only be bought with a prescription, and is much stronger than
    Retinol. Marlena uses the generic form of Retin-A. I think it sells (the
    generic) for about $40.00 a tube. I’m 62 years young and have almost no
    wrinkles, because I’ve stayed out of the sun, I wear sunscreen, and I
    moisturize under my eyes and my face twice a day. I don’t get Retin-A
    because of the $$$, but I may have to break down & get it soon. I’m
    noticing larger pore size & it helps that. I also like the Queen Helene
    Green Clay Mask Marlena uses. Great for pore size.

  23. Cherrie Michalowski

    >>>>Press The Rewind Button On Aging From the Inside-Out >>>>

  24. Emily Carter

    You’re so beautiful!

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