Should Men Wear Night Cream?

Andie Macdowell has been the face for anti-aging cream campaigns so we had to ask her, should men be wearing night cream as well? The men in the newsroom take this question to a whole other …

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  1. Erick Gonzalez
  2. collingoochyas

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    subscribe!! :)

  3. Karin Amano

    Yes they should, oh yah! Men have like.. the most crustiest, most hurt
    looking faces ever.. no kidding. They need to also use tons of makeup
    products and get some Korean surgery for their blocky faces. Shave more and
    wear longer hair styles. Also dye their hair blonde if they are a brunette
    or a ginger. Just being real no shade. ✌

  4. rahman hakim

    Groundhog days!!!!

  5. 11m0

    Dirty D’s the best

  6. Sharmeta

    Sometimes if they have acne

  7. Garret Demetrius

    Real niggas dont care bout night cream only dem fvck boys do

  8. thisguyrighthere3

    men should only wear night cream if they are gay

  9. Chimera1591

    THIS is what h feel shame about? 

  10. ominous450

    she looks good for 57. I would have guessed she’s in her 40s.

  11. Adam Moreira

    Van is trying to out-dirty Dirty D, I see!

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