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How old should you start anti-wrinkle cream?

Me and my friends were talking about skin products last night and all said about our worry of getting old and having wrinkles.
So my friend who is 23 said that she started using anti-wrinkle cream at 22.
I am 22 and I am wondering if it worth spending some money already on this and whether my skin would get used to it and later not respond to anti-wrinkle creams. Do you believe this could happen?
ANd how old do you think women should start with this type of cream?

Posted by Bea Blunt

Actually, many wrinkle creams contain irritants and toxins that damage the skin. Most of the products, especially the "fast working" stuff irritates the skin so badly so that it swells to fill the wrinkles. You start using some of those products now, and you may be setting yourself up for worse skin down the road.

Honestly, I don't think there's any reason for someone your age to use anti-wrinkle products. If you want to do something good for your skin, moisturize, protect against sun damage, and don't smoke. If you really must use a wrinkle products, make sure the only active ingredient is collagen. That's pretty much the only anti-wrinkle product that won't hurt your skin.

When to use wrinkle cream?

Can i use wrinkle cream to prevent from getting wrinkles? Or is it just to make them appear less visable? (i'm 23)

Posted by Mama Knows Best!

I have used creams all my childhood till now. At first I used nivea jars. During my teenage years nivea soft came out. At the same time I remember using light gel type creams for young people such as L oreal future E, Aquasource, Vichy Aqualia thermal, ponds, happyderm, Yves Rocher Pure Calmille. These were my favourite during my adolescence, but I remember using every kind of commercial brand that came out. At the same time I used to tan a lot till I got to a deep chocolate shade. I still thought tanning was cool at that point. Later, with all the media hype, anti sun movement education, and sun phobics east Asian girl friends surrounding me, I got brainwashed into pouring more money into my skin rituals.
I started when I was 19, I got so many peels and treatments and tried anything new. This time I didn't look at the packaging and the commercial emotional theme, but looked at every ingredient, till I found a regime that suites my skin.
From the age of 21, from my experience, from listening to chemist gurus, from looking at the aging graphs, you HAVE to take care of your skin. Don't feel guilty or narcissistic, it's part of your hygiene. It's the same as washing your teeth.
I have seen older women who have used creams compared to those who didn't. The difference is scary. In the long run, it's worth it to look after yourself everyday.
Have you heard of the grave diggers of Paris? Take their words of expertise. Out of all the dead population, they were surprised by the women s faces that take the longest to decompose bc of all the creams they ve used. What more proof do you want?
Try the Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C regime!
On another note, men and women age differently. Men look always younger, 7 years on average. Women s facial collagen levels fall very rapidly. This is why probably women instinctually feel the need for skincare treatments. Find an older boyfriend 😉
My only issue is with SPF, especially in summer. It s so cumbersome to put SPF 100 every time I get out. I am confident though that we will find a better way!

Do wrinkle creams really work?

Like pro retinol eyecreams and collagen filler moisturizers.

Posted by Tita

There are wrinkle creams that work.

Scientific research has gone a long way especially when it comes to anti aging products. Although there are ingredients that still need a lot of research, there are a handful that have shown to be helpful in preventing premature wrinkles.

One ingredient that has consistently shown positive results is retinol. It can be quite strong on the skin though so make sure you follow the exact steps especially during the first few weeks of application.

Also look out for peptides in your anti aging product as they help greatly in renewing the cell building function of your skin. And are said to act as mini-botox.

Remember that sun protection is a MUST. If you want to stop premature wrinkles then protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun.

Lastly, remember that there are a lot of companies who claim their creams can erase wrinkles but in reality don't. Go for trusted products and always read consumer reviews. The website below has a list of top ten wrinkle creams which you might want to look at.

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