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Please suggest me a solution?

I'm 18 yrs old. But my skin is so worst.There's dark spots due to pimples(pimple marks) pimples, wrinkles ,pigmentation , blackheads , whiteheads , uneven skin tone ,etc and so on. It's also tanned.
I want to get rid of all of these.I don't want any home remedies and I don't want to cover it up with make-up. So plssssssssssssss help me. Suggest some good fairness creams ,moisturizers, sunscreen, face-wash ,cleanser ,toner……………….etc………………….

Posted by Nelena

If it's in your budget to get good quality dept. Store level products, I would first suggest seeing a dermatologist who can recommend a treatment plan for you. They can look at you skin and give you prescription antibiotic pads to use on your face if your bad skin is being caused by bacteria. If your skin issue is being caused by oil and other fluids getting mixed in yous skin, making it so they turn into pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, the Dr. Can prescribe Retin-A gel to re-seperate those oils so they return to a natural healthy state and quit building up creating blemishes.

The dermatologist has many products that can be prescribed that are topical in form – so you can apply them to your face without taking pills.

Here are some products I use on my sensitive skin – which I must pamper or it will break out. I do not break out with them, so maybe you will find them helpful also 🙂

Clinique line of makeup – dermatologist recommended

Light Lotion won't cause breakouts:

Great foundation:

Jan Marini – sunblock – doesn't burn sensitive skin and cause breakouts:

Excellent priced gel skin cleanser – won't cause break outs:

Hyaluronic Moisturizer – plumps skin to help get rid of wrinkles

While these are excellent product suggestions, I still suggest finding a good dermatologist, with all you mention going on with your skin, you need some serious help with it.

What's the best way to get rid of dark circles?

I have the worst dark circles EVER! I can sort of get rid of the puffiness but the dark circles will not go away and it really shows up in pictures. Can somebody help me get it to go away or find a way to cover it up???

Posted by Kiki

How are you? I am a Certified Beauty Advisor with Avon. For dark Circles, I recommend Either Avon's ANEW ALTERNATIVE Intensive Eye Cream, or Avon's ANEW FORCE EXTRA Eye Cream.

Here are the descriptions of these products:

ANEW ALTERNATIVE– Reclaim brighter, younger-looking skin around eyes.
The brightest innovation in herbaceutical skincare. Anti-aging science and Eastern healing herbs unite to attack the major signs of dark circles and treat the age-related conditions that can make them look worse.

For best results, use after moisturizing with either ALTERNATIVE Intensive Age Treatment Day SPF 25 or ALTERNATIVE Intensive Age Treatment PM at night. .5 fl. Oz.

ANEW FORCE EXTRA–Avon introduces a unique eye cream designed to help reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles giving the area around the eyes a more youthful glow. .5 fl oz.

"Anew Force Extra Eye Cream is formulated with Oxa Diacid and AVC-10, a patented vitamin C derivative created by Avon Global Skincare Laboratories", said Dr. Glen Anderson, Avon Skincare Research & Development. "The formula also contains optical diffusers to help blur fine lines plus an Anti-Fatigue Complex to help skin recover its natural energy."

Visibly reduces the look of under eye shadows, lines and wrinkles
Erases signs of fatigue

100% of users showed improved skin clarity*
94% of users showed improvement in overall eye appearance*

"This new eye product really targets and helps reduce dark circles," said Meg Dobstetter, Senior Marketing Manager, Avon Skincare. "The special product formulation helps the skin around the eyes appear brighter and younger."

*Based on a dermatologist-supervised clinical study.

Will using anti-wrinkle/aging cream help prevent wrinkles in the future at a young age??????

Im 14 and just asking. Cuz i saw oprah the other day and there was this lasy that looked 40 but was actually 70!!!

Posted by Sedika S

I dont know what cream exactly you are asking about.. But good skin care will keep you looking young! Anti-aging creams arent really needed until you notice the aging sign begining (some people as early as the 20's) at 14 all you need to worry about is keeping your face clean and properly moisturized. Alot of how you look is already pre-determined by your genes. (aka look at your mother and grand mothers)


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Really good eye serums/creams for circles and puffiness?

Well I've barely gotten into the game for eye creams and serums since I would only really focus on my acne for my skin. Luckily Philosophy products came in and have that under control so now I started focusing on other parts: my eye area being one of them.

I have moderately bad dark circles under my eyes, along with quite a bit of puffiness going on. My work place happened to be generous in giving us Orlane Pure Youth for eyes in our new year's goody bags. I've tried it for a week, but it really hasn't improved much. Just goes to show that even expensive creams can do a mediocre job.

I've tried looking around to see what people swear by, what really works for people other than surgery. Unfortunately I have not come up with any clear answers as all I come up with are websites with fake reviews to get you to buy their serum.

So I was wondering, what are good eye creams that take care of the dark circles and puffiness. What do you swear by or have heard really good things about? Money isn't a top priority when it comes to choosing for me (unless it goes into the $1000+ range). I just need something that works!


Posted by Jesse

I've used one my garnier, but i don't think you should get one because i was watching dr.Oz and he said that creams for dark circles and puffiness make you get wrinkles when you get older, so i threw mine out, but it worked pretty good for me 🙂

good luck, hope i helped !

St Ives timeless skin lotion?

I'm 16 y/o and I needed a face moisturizer. I usually use Vaseline healthy skin but I wanted a moisturizer just for your face. So I picked up st Ives timeless skin collagen elastin moisturizer. I read somewhere that u can never go wrong with a cream that reduces & prevents wrinkles no matter the age. (Plus dr oz recommended it!)

Can I use it before makeup? In other words, does it set in so my foundation will glide on smooth?


Thanks :)!

Posted by Ash

Dr Oz should and ought to re-examine his recommendation because it is a terrible product. Skin Deep Safety Database did extensive tests of the product and found that it has many ingredients that can harm and sicken your skin and some that can be seriously harmful to health…some that can even be cancer causing
See for yourself……….

Has anyone tried a wrinkle cream called "Deception"?

Advertisers of the product say it was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, but I can't find any proof of that…

Posted by Anita S

Don't believe any company saying that it is endorsed by Oprah. If it is you will find it on her official website. Most of these companies say that just to fool people into buying their stuff.
Oprah spoke out against companies using her name for advertising and said herself that you will find only products on her official website that she uses or endorses.

Best Wrinkle Cream That Stimulates Collagen Production

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Eye cream help?10 points!!question is too short-so i had to write more?

So im 20 years old and have dark circles-not panda like-but theyre there.and i dont really like wearing makeup and using concealer so lately ive been trying to find a solution to get rid of them.
Now i dont have the best sleeping schedule but theyve been there for as long as i remember-so sleeping right wont do it for me.
I read about a clinque cream called all about eyes and it claims to get rid of dark circles, but all the reviews i read about it say that it helped them with wrinkles and noone mentions dark circles.
So if anyone tried it can you give me ur 2 cents and if u havent can u give me ways that would REALLY help with my cirlces..things that have worked for u
thanks 🙂
btw i ordered one after thier inline assossiates convinced me that it helps and how oprah talked about it-but i checked oprahs site-again it mentions the wrinkles but no dark circles-so-help??!!??

Posted by UnBrOkEn

Cernor xo eyecream.

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